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Sexy Amateurs of Escorts / How to Have Hot Sex with a New Guy
« on: August 07, 2019, 03:07:56 PM »

Having sex with a new guy feels awkward and exciting. Thatís because you are trying to find out more about a foreign body. The guy might also not have a clue of what turns you on. One thing that enables las vegas call girls to have great sex with new clients is their ability to adapt quickly. You too should be quick to read between the lines and make him comfortable. Here are tips to help you have a hot sex with your new guy. 

Donít Skip Foreplay

Itís no doubt that there has been a moment of intense buildup. This can prompt you to skip foreplay. However, this is a big mistake you should avoid. Instead, pay keen attention to what works best for your partner. This will enable you to please him from the beginning.
Basically, focus on keeping things steamy but slow. If he tries to rush things, grab him by the wrist tightly. Follow this move with a drawn-out, long kiss. Grabbing his hand followed by a kiss will let him know that you want it but he should not rush you.

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Hardcore Amateurs - XXX Escorts / Anal Sex and Its Good Affects
« on: August 07, 2019, 03:01:48 PM »

The Good

When done properly with the right partner, this sex has the following benefits.

More Pleasure- Both men and women enjoy anal sex more. For men, the anus is tighter than a vagina. Women on the other hand have more nerve endings in the anus.

It Boosts Intimacy- This sex enables partners to meet each otherís needs. This brings partners closer knowing that they are doing something more pleasurable for each other.

No pregnancy fears- Anal sex does not bring pregnancy fears unless the sperms ejaculated in the anus find their way to the vagina.
Basically, having anal sex is a sure way to get creative. Nevertheless, you need to practice it slowly with your partner or las vegas call girls to perfect your craft. Also be careful to avoid its negative effects.

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